Hiring: Content Manager (Closed)

We’re looking to hire a talented Content Manager to join our small team on a part time, remote basis. We’re exclusively looking to work with people with a passion for design and the ability to find quality new products for us to feature.


+ Manage & maintain addition of new daily deals
+ Create 4 new posts every week
+ Upload image previews and supporting content
+ Pick and organise new goods to feature and sell
+ Communicate with potential sellers


+ Good eye for quality design products
+ Understanding of current design trends
+ Good written and spoken English skills
+ Experience creating content within WordPress
+ Links to two or three posts you’ve published online
+ Polite, helpful and keen to make a difference

I’d estimate that we’re looking at around 8 to 10 hours work per week. I’m flexible with hours and there’s no concrete targets in place, we’re just looking for a helping hand when it comes to finding and writing up new deals.

If you’re planning on applying, ensure to give us your expected compensation for this type of work ($USD or £GBP). Payment would be made monthly and you would be working on a month-by-month contract.

Apply Here. Position filled. Thanks everybody!


Problems earlier today: Fixed!

We had some bugs with our system earlier, which resulted in a lot of people not being able to complete their order. All problems should now be fixed, and hopefully you should be able to go to your purchase history and complete your orders via the column on the right. If for whatever reason you can’t get it working, get in touch with your username and we’ll remove any incomplete orders so you can just try again from scratch. There may be a short delay when placing order, but if you just give the system a moment and refresh after a few minutes and it should work.


Dealotto Affiliate Program

We’re happy to announce that you can now earn real money from inviting friends to Dealotto. As you know we’ve always offered rewards, that you can use to spend on deals, but now you’ll be able to earn 10% of any sales that come through your link.

One Click Setup

We’ve made it as simple as possible to do, simply sign up for a normal Dealotto account, then go to your Dashboard – From there you simply click the button to say you want to switch from rewards to cash, and you’re done. One click setup, it couldn’t be easier.

Earn Between 10% and 12%

Currently you will earn 10% of any sales that get completed via your unique invite code. On top of that, you’ll be able to earn a $10 bonus for your first 5 sales, plus a $30 bonus for your first 20 sales. We’ll also be introducing various other cash rewards as we go to make sure you guys are kept happy. Anybody who bring in more than 10 sales in a month will also be switched to our 12% rate.

Share Your Invite URL

We’ve got a number of banners available for you to use to help you achieve sales. You’ll also have a unique URL that you can share absolutely anywhere you like. You’ll be able to keep an eye on sales via the Dashboard, and we’ll pay out all payments on the 15th of every month. From your Banner Dashboard you’ll also be able to request specific banner sizes if we don’t already have your size.

Take a Look

We’ve worked hard to make the dashboard as simple, and visually pleasing as possible. It should be really easy to keep an eye on your progress from the dashboard, and everything should be no more than a click away. Take a look at what we’ve done…

Let us Know Your Thoughts

We really hope you like what we’ve done, if you have any feedback or ideas please get in touch and let us know. We’re new to Affiliates, so we’re happy to take suggestions and ideas. So there we have it, Sign up for an account, or switch from rewards to cash today.


Like Dealotto on Facebook

If you’re looking for an interesting way to stay up to date with our latest deals, make sure you like us on Facebook. The timeline feature makes it incredibly easy to browse all of our available deals by date. We think it’s one of the best ways of staying up-to-date with our latest deals.


Sign-up, Invite & Earn

You can now sign up to Dealotto. While the deals aren’t live yet, we’re giving you guys a little bit of time to set up your account and earn your rewards by inviting your friends. When you sign up, you’ll be taken to the dashboard where you can track your rewards

Currently, you can get 1 free ticket by Inviting 5 friends, $10 Credit from 10 friends, 1 free deal from 15 friends and $20 credit by inviting 20 friends. It’s as easy as that!


Submit or Suggest a Deal

We’d love to hear from any designer out there with a quality product that you’d love to sell via Dealotto. We’ve already got a few deals lined up, everything from design resources, to software, e-books and beautiful tees! Please send ideas, suggestions or your own products to us via Email for now and we’ll be in touch. Obviously more details and stats are yet to come, we’re just looking to touch base with sellers for now.


A First look at Dealotto

While we’re still a little while away from launching, but it won’t be too long before we open up our pre-launch website where (if you get an invite) you can earn rewards before we officially launch. With that in mind we thought it might be nice to give you a closer look at what we’re cooking up behind the scenes. -We’d love to hear your initial thoughts!


What is Dealotto?

Dealotto is, (or, will be) a daily deals site with a huge difference; what you pay depends on how lucky you are. Everybody gets a great deal as standard, but you could win further discounts on the daily deal, up to 100% off.

Our approach is a friendly one, we won’t bombard you with emails every day, you can choose between daily, or semi-weekly emails. We won’t force deals onto you. We’ll ensure a great deal of fun is had, while providing an incredibly well-designed buying experience.

We’re just a little fed up with daily deal sites, they’re not a terrible idea, they’re just poorly executed and often not very fun to use. We believe in a better approach…


Invite friends, complete certain social tasks, or simply just buy with us and we’ll reward you with freebies, store credit and more!

Quality Products

There’s a lot of great designers out there putting hours of work into fantastic products, we’re keen to share the best of these with you.

Deal Feed

Stay up to date with new products and posts from the designers that you buy from, right inside your Dealotto dashboard. Including exclusive deals on future products. Great for customers and even better news for deal providers!

Soft Approach

We’ll be easy to contact, and quiet when you want us to be. Decide how often we email you with deals, and buy at your own pace.

Who’s Behind Dealotto?

Dealotto is cooked right from the brains of Liam McKay and Spencer Finnell of wefunction.com. Everything at dealotto is geared towards providing quality, fun & great deals in a pressure-free environment.

There’s plenty more to come, and we’ll be sharing it with you as we go. Invites will be going out during the pre-launch period, please follow us on Twitter for the first invites.